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Dr. Debasish MridhaOur object is your health and our aim is providing you the best services in Diagnosis and Treatment of all Neurological Diseases.
Welcome to Michigan Advanced Neurology Center (MANC) website. We are dedicated to providing you the most advanced treatments available for neurological disorders.

Debasish Mridha, M.D
Debasish Mridha, M.D
On becoming the
“IMG Physician of the Year ”
in Michigan State

“In recognition of your extraordinary dedication and commitment to service and community involvement using your talents and skills to improve the lives of countless people and promoting a sense of pride in the profession” – MSMS

At Michigan Advanced Neurology Center, we are experienced in treating:
Michigan Advanced Neurology Center      • Stroke
     • Multiple Sclerosis
     • Epilepsy
     • Alzheimer’s Disease
     • Sleep Disorder
     • Forgetfulness and Memory Disorder
     • Brain Tumor
     • Migraine and Headache Disorders
     • Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorder
     • Back and Neck Pain
     • Head Injuries
     • Neurorehabilitation and Balance Disorders.

We often arrange patient programs for MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson Disease, Stroke and Headache and Migraine. Please check our Current Event page and make a reservation with our receptionist.

The clinic is directed by renowned physician DEBASISH MRIDHA M.D. He is not only a physician but also a philosopher and renowned philanthropist. He is also compassionate and a very easygoing person. We hope you will enjoy your visit.
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